Monday, July 25, 2011



1) Some birds have come to blossom
  carrying schoolbags,
  some streams eager with enthusiasm to run,
  some young ones of birds to fly.
  Oh experts!  What will you teach them
  with your conventional books?

2) Lamps are ready to be enlightened
  but here there is no oil to wetter them with love.
  The matches are moist.
  The hands are incapable to hold them with care.
  There is no portico to place them safely
  in this windy land.

   3) Oh teachers and guides!
  Do you know that
  different are the speed and motion of
  horses, boats and birds?
  Kinetic equations are available in physics
  but the numbers and numerical
  are not experts themselves.

4)   The lunch box has become empty,
  on the back there is burden of homework.
  In the evening, the black boards have become empty;
  worry to memorize by cramming
  has entered into minds.

   5)Oh great poet Kalidasa!
  You wrote*
  that the tender flower of ‘shirish’
  can bear the leg of wasp,
  it can’t bear that of a bird.
  But here small flowers bear
  the mountains of knowledge and information,
  rocks of figures and facts.

* Reference of Kumarasambhava –canto 5
                                                              Tr. By poet
                                                              Harshdev madhav,