Monday, July 9, 2012



Sanskrit Department of Shri H.K. Arts College is going to establish Sanskrit Consultancy
Centre to Spread the horizens of Knowledge in society and to guide people for culture
and our great heritage. We are ready to consult in the following fields:-

1. To understand Vedas Upanishadas Mahabharat Ramayana and Classical
2. To translate Sanskrit verses and Sanskrit scripts into Gujarati, Hindi and English.
3. To give Research Guidance to M.A, Mphil and Ph.D students of any medium of
4. To prepare Scripts for programmes regarding Sanskrit Literature.
5. To suggest meaningful logos and qotations for Institutions Companies.
6. To give Lectures on Sanskrit Sastras and Literature. To make students as well as
people fammiliar with Vedas Upanishadas Ramayan Mahabharata Purans Gita
Indian Culture as well as modern Sanskrit Literature and functional Sanskrit.
7. To prepare assignment, Seminars and projects.
8. For professional work the college will decide remuneration to Experts.
9. Senior Citizen will be guided in their fields of interest in Sanskrit.
10. Training of proof reading and help to print Sanskrit Properly.
11. To prepare attractive greeting cards of all types.
12. To write Sanskrit sentences to decorate School-buildings, class rooms, magazines,
diaries, etc.
13. To give service as subject experts to create animation – films, serials on Indian
14. To compare in religions Sanskrit programmes
15. To help in preparing General Quiz based on Sanskrit Scriptures and Mythology.
16. To guide young researches about how to prepare reseach-papers, how to collect
data and how to analyse the intermation.

Those who are interested in the above mentioned fields can contact us.

Dr. Harshdev Madhav
Dr. Jagriti Pandya
Dr. Ravindra Khandwala
Dr. Hasmukh Barot
(Time : 9.00 am to 11.30 am

every Saturday)