Monday, June 14, 2010

To the Hands Destroying the Wall of the City of Berlin

Revenge creates curtains of interruption,
Bitterness wishes to divide love
with the bricks of hostility.
Is the story really not decent
In which the hearts blossom like lotuses?
The black thoughts of people
Fall like leaves in autumn
May the soft breeze of friendliness give warmth.
May the light spread
From the torch of ‘The Statue of Liberty’
May this darkness of wrath vanish.
O’ Hands! Blow the wall!
Break the wall!
May your blows become softer and cooler than sandal-paste
The nails from the crucified body
of Jesus Christ
have pulled out.
Virgin Mary
wipes her tears.
May the harmony of the people
of East Germany and West Germany
become a great quantity of love.
May the two pieces of a single heart
be united for ever.

                              HARSHDEV MADHAV
1. Terrorism
is a servant of anger
It is a prisoner of cruelty.
It is dependent of inhumanity
It is suffering from
the disease of violence.
It is lame due to jealousy
In spite of its living,
It is half dead
on account of prejudice.

2. How can
Impotent terrorism create
Insects take birth
Is dung of meanness,
-not Mahatmas(profound religious persons).

3. Terrorism has no father
its mother’s name is cruelty.

4. Terrorism is thirsty
so it drinks human-blood
Terrorism is hungry
So it eats pieces of human flesh
Terrorism may know
Its devilry
If it can see itself in a mirror!

5. The hurricane of terrorism
tries to destroy
The lamp of faith.
Have you any hand
To resist its force?
શબ્દથી દૂર વાચા ફળી હોય છે

શબ્દથી દૂર વાચા ફળી હોય છે

માંહ્ય સુરતા જ સામી મળી હોય છે.

કોડિયામા બળે છે તિમિર ઘી બની

જ્યોત આઠે પ્રહર પ્રજ્વળી હોય છે.

કાળ ભંડાર ખાલી કરી નીકળ્યા

ક્ષણ મહારત્નથી ઝળહળી હોય છે.

‘દૂર’ને શોધીએ, ‘પાસ’ આવી મળે

એમ શ્રદ્ધા જ કોને ફળી હોય છે.

‘જાણ’નો આ મલક આપણો સાંપડે

સરહદો આપણી આંગળી હોય છે.

- ડૉ. હર્ષદેવ માધવ(Dr. Harshdev Madhav – Shabd shodhi ae paas aave malae. Ghazals in Gujarati. Literature and art site)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introduction of my self


I am a modern Sanskrit poet with 27 poetry collections with my credit. I am a Sahitya Academy Award winner poet. I have won so many awards. Reading, writing and to spread Sanskrit all over the world is my aim. I am the scholar of Tantra Shastra. I believe that our mantras have so many meanings. I am doing my research on various fields. To teach conversational Sanskrit; I have written 5 books by which anyone can easily converse Sanskrit. There are so many deep meanings in Vedic Mantras. My student Ravindra Khandwala has done research on Gayatri Mantra under my guidence. I will be helpful to all the lovers of Sanskrit and Indian Culture.

I have started my blog to widen the horizons of our heritage. I seek your support and your curiosity.