Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Achievements

17th October, 2013

I received "Pandit Rajsanman" at Delhi. It was a great festival for me because the seminar was at "Sahitya Academy" in presence of Namvarsinh, Radhavallabh Tripathi and other great scholars. "Devvani Parishad" gave me great honour and appreciated my literary merits. Really it is my new milestone. On the same day my anthology "Surahi Ma Somras", the book of Sanskrit Gazals was published and inaugurated. Very few people know that in India Sanskrit Gazal was written first among all Indian languages.

3rd November, 2013

I received message from Mumbai that I will be awarded "Brahmrshi Sanman" in February, 2014. HH Pujya Bhai (Rameshbhai Oza), world famous Bhagvatacharya will give this sanman at Porbandar. It is really a great pleasure to be appreciated in my state. I am thankful to all Sanskrit scholars and readers who are giving me inspiration.